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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Feb 27, 7:16 PM

When entering a citation, there is a field for "Page" (see top part of image). This could be a very useful field for including the URL of a page referred to by the citation. However, the Page field is size limited, so only the first 30 characters are displayed (see bottom part of image). This is not enough for an average URL. If the field was expanded to be similar to the Citation Description field, the entire URL could be displayed (maybe even including the necessary HTML to make it a link). As can be seen from the bottom example, TP displays the field in an ideal way for it to show a URL.


Ian Marr


Image Source https://www.tribalpages.com/tpphotos/fullphotos/marrwatts_6682362.jpg?ver=0

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