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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Mar 4, 7:57 PM

To TP - please don't delete this one as I think it is a suggestion many Users would find useful.

The Page field can be useful when entering the details relating to a citation but it is limited to 30 characters. You will probably wonder, "surely 30 characters is enough?"

If you just use it for something like a "Page number or identification" it probably is. But, it could be so handy for something else if it allowed for much longer data to be entered - for example, a URL. If the field is long enough, you could even include the necessary HTML to make it a link - now that would be really useful. Family Tree Maker allows you to attach a URL to a citation, so that when it is displayed you can simply click on the link and away you go.


Ian Marr

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