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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Mar 10, 5:32 PM

What I mean by carry-over text is when information for one person or field automatically becomes information for someone else.

For example, Bob and Mary are married. I edit Bob's marriage information by adding a marriage place. Let's say this is "Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia; St. Michael's Presbytery". When I then check Mary's record, sure enough, her marriage details are now there but the place reads "Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia; St. Mi" - it has been truncated to 40 characters. If I updated Mary first, I would find Bob's place description truncated.

I realise this may not seem a high priority maintenance fix, but it would be appreciated if the space for the Carry-over field was increased, particularly since it probably happens in other areas of the system.


Ian Marr

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