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  Author: GABRIEL A. Ahmarani  Homepage   Date: May 23, 10:39 AM

Many company and government websites offer language selection options at the top of the page, allowing users to display the page in the language of their choice. Yesterday, I set up my new site with your service, and loaded it with over 600 names. My family is scattered over a dozen countries in four continents, and many individuals are unilingual in their local language, speaking French, English, Arabic, Spanish, or Armenian. To bring my family together, I must translate my homepage into all these languages, but that makes for a long homepage. I would like the user to select his default language option to appear whenever he logs on, and to be able to select/toggle to another language as he navigates. I am not requesting a translation service, but only the ability to toggle to pre-loaded pages in other languages. LinkedIn and others offer this, so maybe you can also. I understand that such a feature may consume additional memory. However, I would be willing to pay for such an option. Or maybe you can offer it as an incentive to purchase your premium plan. Yes we're tribal, and our tribes speak different languages. p.s. I love the site configuration.

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