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  Author: Les  Homepage   Date: Jan 3, 7:25 AM
  In Reply To: Re:Media Name Transfer on Upload  by: Janice Krueger

Hi Janice surely the onus is on you.

When you upload surely you add to a person to (one or More GOOD HOUSEKEEPING)

You would be able to find them easily, as you would have some idea where you are putting them

You Have 2 Albums on one site and 14 albums on the other.

At the bottom you have an index of Names with Photos.

You have what you want, but as I see it ,you did not use TP correctly to name your Photos

There is a lot that we have to do ourselves with our own Site



As you state

Taking the time to put names on each of more than 5,000 photos would be a nightmare and it would never happen.

That is completely up to you

Although TP only states you have 1379 Photographs on your two sites 3621 Missing

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