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  Author: Janice Krueger  Homepage   Date: Jan 19, 9:35 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Media Name Transfer on Upload  by: Les

I really think you are missing my point.

You stated: "Although TP only states you have 1379 Photographs on your two sites 3621 Missing" What is that supposed to mean? My point exactly!

On my ancestry.com sites, from which I upload a GEDCOM file to Tribalpages, I have 8,025 images on Historical Families of Rush City and 20,620 images on Through the Window of Time, a total of 28,645 images. Of which, only 1,379 have been added to Tribalpages.

Tribalpages is wonderful for the records and info, however, no images are included in the upload, which means, that I must manually add any photos to an individual or an album. Because of this, I have added only a few of the available images.

What I am asking is: When I upload an image, would it be possible to retain the file name I have given it, instead of no name at all on the image. Then it would be much easier for me to find that person and add the photo, renaming it to fit Tribalpages.

Example; my Bentley William Doctor uploads to tribal without a name of any kind. It would be great if my file name stayed with the image in the default album, then I could simply use 'find' and add photo and notes.

But, as you see it, I am not using TP correctly to name my photos! I don't have any problem at all naming them, the problem is the large number of profiles from the GEDCOM that currently do not have a photo, and I would like to add one.

Whatever, Janice

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