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  Author: Les   Date: Jan 20, 4:54 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Media Name Transfer on Upload  by: Janice Krueger

Hi Janice, I only pointed out that you mentioned 5000 photographs , when in effect you only have 1379 on TP Family tree that we are talking about.

When you upload a GEDCOM it is with TEXT only. Any photographs are not uploaded.Surely you know this

These you add to TP under Upload Photos They only upload as a photograph. Not with information that you are asking for. if you had done this correctly you could use the Sort by upload date or Sort by photo date.

The onus is on you to do this or to have done it. Surely when you Uploaded your first photograph to TP you realised what you were doing.

As for your profiles cannot you make a Tiff or a .jpg

and upload these

Here are the ones that TP accept

docx epub gif mov mp3 mp4 odp ods odt ogg pdf pptx

rtf txt wav webm xlsx

Here are the ones that TP accept

All the best


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