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The Lockhart and Harburn Ancestors 
null ROSS 1872 - 1872
Src: Adkins contact: Contact site administrator
null ROSS 1872 - 1872
Src: Wallace/Erhart Families contact: Contact site administrator
( James) John ROSS 1836 - 1914
Born in Newburgh, Fifeshire
Src: McInnes Strings contact: Contact site administrator
(#1)2pgs ROSS 
Died in ???
Src: Connections of Glenn and Sue Stewart contact: Contact site administrator
(?) ROSS ???? - 1920
Src: Linda Sue COX FAMILY contact: Contact site administrator
(Cecil) Lindsay ROSS 1930 - 1990
Born in NSW, Aust
Died in NSW, Aust
Src: The Mouritz Family contact: Contact site administrator
(Dr) Griffin `Griff` ROSS 1880 - 1948
Born in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk County, Texas
Died in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk County, Texas
Src: Heyl-Johnston contact: Contact site administrator
(Infant A) ROSS 1918 - 1918
Src: The Davison Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
(Infant B) ROSS 1918 - 1918
Src: The Davison Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
(Jenny)Frances Janet Clunie ROSS 1917 - 1996
Born in Abdie Fife, Scotland
Died in Edinburgh
Src: McInnes Strings contact: Contact site administrator
(Jim) James Clifford ROSS 1953 - 2005
Src: OHalloran of Pembroke contact: Contact site administrator
(Lula) Ellen ROSS 1909 - 1986
Born in Polk County, TN
Died in Polk County, TN
Src: SusannMurray contact: Contact site administrator
(m) a. ROSS b.1850
Src: Mackirdy family contact: Contact site administrator
(Not Named) ROSS b.1880
Born in Pike Co. GA
Src: Our Kinfolk contact: Contact site administrator
(possible) ROBERT C. ROSS ???? - 1850
Src: My Family Ties contact: Contact site administrator
(Rev) W ROSS 1816 - 1884
Src: Robin Forlonge Patterson's Relatives contact: Contact site administrator
(Son) ROSS b.1854
Src: The Skidmore Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
(Still Born) ROSS 1938 - 1938
Born in Aberdeen, Scotland
Died in Aberdeen, Scotland
Src: The Families of Neville Kitchener and Tanya Ross contact: Contact site administrator
(Unknown First Name) ROSS ???? - 1910
Src:  miller from ancestrycom contact: Contact site administrator
(Unknown) ROSS 1887 - 1887
Src: JACKA name and branches contact: Contact site administrator
(Unknown) ROSS ???? - 1949
Died in 1949 At State Hospital Mt Pleasant, IA
Src: An American Family Smörgåsbord<p> Brockhagen Meister.. contact: Contact site administrator
(unknown) ROSS b.1622
Src: Alabama Carters & Cousins contact: Contact site administrator
*David ROSS ???? - 1812
Born in Rosshire, Scotland
Died in PA
Src: The Murphy and Nickels Family contact: Contact site administrator
*Elizabeth ROSS 1435 - 1505
Src: Kinseys and Staffords Galore! contact: Contact site administrator
*Elizabeth ROSS, 1710 (ENOCHS) 1710 - 1786
Born in Scotland
Died in Hampshire Co. WV
Src: The Murphy and Nickels Family contact: Contact site administrator
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